About Us

field-focused company with Expertised Nuclear Technology 'VIV International Co., Ltd'

VIV, who has provided total engineering solution with power plant and industrial facilities since 2002, is field oriented professional company.

In the field of industrial valves, we design, manufacture and supply control valves being serviced in severe conditions of high temperature, high pressure, and high differential pressure using advanced technology.

In the field of nuclear power engineering, we provide engineering services such as design of nuclear power generation facilities, evaluation of nuclear safety class equipment, design and manufacture of various test facilities, design and manufacture of radioactive waste disposal facilities, and decommission of nuclear reactor facilities.

VIV is a field oriented technology service company performing the design, manufacture, installation and safety evaluation for power facilities based on experience and technology accumulated over 30 years in field of nuclear industry.

VIV is contributing to green growth through the cost and energy reduction, stable supply, and localization of control valve which has been imported from abroad.

VIV do our best for designing and manufacturing of world’s best control valve through continuous technology development and application of international quality control standards.

VIV will become a specialized technology company leading 21 century with top brand value through continuous investment for fostering global knowledgeable personnel, creating new job, and developing new business and technology to become a recognized company in domestic and abroad.

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