R&D Status

R&D Status of VIV


  • 11. Localization of Pressure Control Valve by Applying High Differential Pressure Trim for 4500 Class Soot Blower


    By applying a special high pressure differential trim, the control valve for ANSI Class 4500 ultra high pressure was developed domestically and proved the excellent quality and performance as a result of the demonstration at the power plant.
    For more information, please contact Technical Research Institute.

  • 10. Performance Evaluation and Design Improvement of Seal Water Supply Pipes for Valves Adjacent to the Condenser


    This is an example of a design improvement based on the performance evaluation result of a seal water supply pipe of a valve affected by vacuum.
    For more information, please contact Technical Research Institute.

  • 9. Localization of High Pressure Main Feedwater Control Valve and Minimum Flow Feedwater Valve

    2010.6 ~ 2011.11

    Based on the experience of developing technology for control valve and possessing patent technology (Patent No. 0527918, etc.), we have developed design technology for the core part Trim and finished product of valve that are most suitable for technical specifications and performance of valves to be localized.

  • 8. Design Development of ECCS Passive Strainer

    2009.2 ~ 2010.10

    We developed unique design technology for passive strainer which filters foreign materials occurred by break impact of loss of coolant accident, as well as general design technology applied to OPR 1000.

  • 7. Localization of Control Valve(AOV) Actuator for Nuclear Power Plants

    2006.11 ~ 2009.5

    With the localization of precision control valve for nuclear power plants, we reduced costs for the purchase of material and equipment(approximately 50%), made it possible to timely supply spare parts, and established own maintenance techniques, which result in the enhancement of reliability for facilities in nuclear power plants.

  • 6. Technology Development for Efficient Maintenance of Pressurizer Safety Valve

    2006.10 ~ 2009.9

    We solved the problem of set point uncertainty due to difference between test condition and actual operation condition, leakage, valve aging, non-conformance of allowable tolerance for pressurizer safety valve test and acquired safety margin to apply to life extension, power uprate, and periodic safety review for nuclear power plants and to improve safety.

  • 5. Design Review and Test Methodology Development for Strengthening Test Requirements of Main Steam Safety Valve for Kori unit 3&4, Yonggwang unit 1&2, and Ulchin unit 1&2

    2006.8 ~ 2007.12

    By reviewing design/dynamic characteristics for the relief of open pressure set point of main steam safety valve for Kori unit 3&4, Yonggwang unit 1&2, and Ulchin unit 1&2 and developing its test methodology, we acquired additional operation margin and prevented operation delay due to test failure.

  • 4. Development of Quantitative Realtime Fluid Leakage Measurement System Using Ultrasonic and Acoustic Leakage Signa

    2005.12 ~ 2008.12

    To quantitatively detect the existence of fluid leakage of high temperature, pressure, and differential pressure, we developed "Quantitative Fluid Leakage Evaluation System" applying high precision ultrasonic measurement and acoustic signal evaluation technology to prevent fluid leakage of high temperature and equipment damage, which leads to the reduction of energy(power) loss.

  • 3. Development of Performance Improvement Technique and High Performance Control Valve Using 3D Elbow and groove flow device

    2003.5 ~ 2005.10

    We developed safety class high performance control valves adopting patented new technology and performance improvement technology applying optimized design technique. Also, we succeeded in localization of high performance control valve, all of which has been imported from foreign countries and acquired its performance improvement technology.

  • 2. Localization of Main Steam Safety Valve(MSSV) for Nuclear Power Plants

    2002.12 ~ 2005.9

    We localized the main steam safety valve satisfying applicable technical standards regarding safety/seismic class, configuration, pressure, accumulation blowdown, leakage, and so on which are required for that of nuclear power plant service. For its validation, we performed material analysis, structural/thermal stress analysis, and flow analysis followed by design validation by third party and equipment qualification safety evaluation.

  • 1. Practical Use of Precision Control Valve for High Temperature and Differential Pressure

    2002.8 ~ 2003.5

    By applying multi-stage stack type fluid control technology to control valve for high temperature and differential pressure service, we realized the localization of precision control valve that has excellent control ability and prevents possible problems during operation such as leakage, erosion and corrosion, and sticking and acquired design and manufacture(supply) ability.